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About Kind Kind

Kindness is not a matter of race, or a gender, it is an act that usually doesn’t require more than a warm word or a smile. It is in understanding and listening, as well as offering help. It doesn’t have a price.
Through our everyday routines and our behavior, we can positively impact so much in both our and others lives.
If we all, as one individual can make such an impact, imagine what could we do if all of us would start making at least a small act of kindness every day.


We believe in changing the world through kindness. It multiplies by sharing, it is free and by being kind, you can do anything.

What we do

To be able to share the biggest secret of all times with all the children, we founded and published a book, our great tool of empowerment and inspiration for all generations to come.

How do we do it

By putting power in hands of all children.
By sharing the superpower of kindness.

For a kinder future

Half of the world is still living in hunger and poverty, little kids living somewhere completely different life we are not aware exists. We want them to experience our kindness and to share it further. To help them get the things they need, from materials necessary for their education to things they really need to make their lives better.

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