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Charlie is a small, frisky and fast dog. You might think this little dog is black, but when Charlie rolls over onto his back, you will see his brown belly exposed for a nice rub. Charlie wags his tail cheerfully all the time. And he is always close to Phia. Charlie never leaves her side.

As a puppy, Charlie was dumped at roadside in a ditch. He was all alone, scared, without food and water. Phia found him and rescued him. She gave Charlie all her love and did her best to make him regain his trust in people and offer them a second chance. With Charlie Phia discovered her huge love for animals equal to people as dwellers of this planet.

Charlie is an important member of the “Secret Club of Kindness” and takes part in all the club’s actions and activities.

Zuri Phia Kiri Charlie Eco-forces Planet

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