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Be kind to yourself

If you want to meet Kiri, you will have to climb atop a hill or a mountain. If somebody flies by your side at the speed of light and knocks you down in passing – that will be Kiri! She wears a green costume, and a grey magic cape flutters behind her. You will also recognize Kiri by her eyes that shrink into two straight small lines under her black bangs every time she cracks a smile, revealing a gap between her two small upper front teeth. Kiri laughs heartily and uncontrollably. Her ruling element are the mountain tops.

She grew up at the foot of the mountain, watching its peaks touch the clouds. Kiri believes that no wind is stronger than the love she feels towards herself, just the way she was created. Every day she encourages other children to believe in themselves because they are unique and perfect just as they are. Kiri wants every child to find their own way, to be happy and their laughter to be heard above the clouds. Her heart beats for love towards oneself.

She always carries a notebook under her magic cape to jot down her thoughts.

Kiri is true to herself, playful and as free as a wind. She is always late but has the best “Secret Club of Kindness” ideas.

Kiri has no favorite fruit, but she munches on a carrot all the time. When you find Kiri, she will make you take a piece of paper, write down every idea, wish and dream you may have and promise her to put them into action.

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