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Be kind to people and animals

If you want to meet Phia, look her up in the children’s park. You will find her going down the slide with Charlie, her puppy, and playing merrily with a bunch of kids. She wears a pink costume, and a red magic cape flutters behind her. You will also recognize Phia by her big eyelashes. Every flutter of her eyelashes will sound like the flap of the wings. Her ruling element is the golden ratio, a symbol of our connection to the Universe. Phia believes in the harmony of the world filled with friendship, love and children’s play. She communicates in a secret language of friendship. Phia’s heart beats pure love for other people and animals. Every day she spurs other children on to get together, to be tolerant and mutually understanding. She loves animals and always carries some food under her magic cape to help abandoned animals.

Phia is the best of friends. When she takes you by the hand, you will never feel alone again. She is very emphatic and the first from the “Secret Club of Kindness” to feel who needs help the most. Phia loves hugs. She gives the warmest and the tightest hugs on the planet.

When you find Phia, she will offer you a banana. Phia loves bananas. And do not be surprised if Phia starts to sing her favorite song. Just join her and sing along.

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