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Be kind to nature

If you want to meet Zuri, you will have to go out into nature. Take a walk by the sea, the river or the lake. Run across the green grass and stare at the thick tree canopies. You will surely find her. She wears a blue costume, and a green magic cape flutters behind her. You will also recognize Zuri by her black curly hair that evokes the sound of sea waves. Her ruling element is water.

Zuri grew up by the sea. As a little girl she learned the secret language of waters across the globe. Zuri can talk to the seas, the rivers and the lakes. She is able to understand the waves, the waterfalls and the whirlpools. Zuri is fascinated by the power of moving water, and her heart beats for nature.

Every day Zuri helps the wounded planet that begs her for help. She always carries a trawl net under her magic cape and regularly collects the trash from the seas, the rivers, the lakes, the forests, the parks and the streets. Zuri collaborates with the eco-forces and brings the trash to a huge recycling plant on an ordinary basis. She believes that we all need to protect and help nature and that only together we can conserve the planet and create a better world.

Zuri is very brave and responsible, the most serious among all the girls. She is never late and always driving the “Secret Club of Kindness” actions for good deeds.

If you are looking for Zuri, bring her an apple. She loves apples. When you find Zuri, you will have to dance. Zuri is so much connected to nature that she can hear the beat everywhere and dance without limits.

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