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Privacy Policy


About privacy policy

This privacy policy (”Policy”) sets out the way in which MARA D DESIGN LLC (hereinafter: “MARA D DESIGN LLC”) collects, uses and manages your personal data on the website that FHR d.o.o. can access by using MARA D DESIGN LLC is dedicated to respecting your privacy and keeping your data safe. We kindly ask you to carefully read our Policy to understand why and how we collect your personal data and how they will be used. As regards the personal data we collect, MARA D DESIGN LLC is the “data processor” responsible for establishing the needs and means of personal data processing. As the website service provider, MARA D DESIGN LLC is dedicated to protecting your privacy and personal data.

If you would like to contact us about the Policy or your personal data, we kindly ask you to use the following contact information: Company name: MARA D DESIGN LLC Address: Radnicka cesta 80 Email:

How and when do we collect your personal data?

MARA D DESIGN LLC collects personal data in order to conclude and perform sales contracts, record purchase orders, perform user identification, analyse business operations, carry out marketing activities, implement a reward system, deliver products, draw up sale and purchase documentation, provide technical assistance and authorise payments with credit and debit cards.

Additional information about situations and circumstances when your personal data will be collected can be found below, in the section

What do we use your personal data for?

There you can learn about possible ways of personal data use you can encounter when visiting our website, making a purchase or using our services. In each of the above cases you will also get clear additional information about the purpose of data processing, while in certain cases we will ask for your express consent to process data. We will not use your personal data for marketing purposes unless you agree to it. If you would like to receive information about our products, services, offers and promotions, we kindly ask you to tick these options when joining our Loyalty Programme or subscribing to our newsletter. If you need additional information, please consult sections Marketing and Loyalty Programme below. We will keep your personal data confidential, and MARA D DESIGN LLC and/or our reliable partners will ensure their adequate protection (for more information please read section: Does MARA D DESIGN LLC share data with third parties? below).

What data do we collect directly from you?

When the user engages in certain activities on such as opening a user account, using the online shop, filling out surveys, commenting, posting content, participating in competitions or prize games, sending feedback, requesting information about services, replying to a job offer, etc., MARA D DESIGN LLC may request from the user to provide additional personal data. In this case the user is required, before providing additional personal data, to carefully read this Privacy Policy and the General Terms of Service and agree to their application in relation to additional data. Some of the required data are mandatory and some are optional, depending on the type of activity. If the user fails to provide mandatory data for an activity that requires them, they will not be allowed to engage in the activity. MARA D DESIGN LLC collects and uses personal data to enable the use of services and activities provided through, improve the functioning of, create a customer database for the purpose of improving services and/or marketing, contact the users for the purpose of delivering marketing notifications, improve advertising and promotional activities, and analyse the use of Furthermore, personal data can be used for problem solving, performance of administrative tasks and contacting the users.

MARA D DESIGN LLC collects the following personal data from the data subject on : name and surname, password, telephone number, address, email address, product delivery address, invoice delivery address, postal code, city, sex, date of birth, company name and TIN (for companies). The following persons can consult the user’s personal data in order to carry out the necessary activities related to the sales contract between the customer and MARA D DESIGN LLC: legal persons participating in the execution of a sales contract such as courier and bookkeeping companies, IT support, marketing support, companies affiliated with MARA D DESIGN LLC and public bodies requiring the submission of personal data in accordance with binding regulations, of which MARA D DESIGN LLC keeps a database of personal data.

What are your privacy rights?

MARA D DESIGN LLC agrees that every user should have the opportunity to ensure that their personal data are accurate, complete and up-to-date. If the user deems that their personal data are incomplete, incorrect or not updated, they can contact MARA D DESIGN LLC by sending an email to Keep in mind that you can, at any time, do the following: Request access to your personal data.

You can ask MARA D DESIGN LLC what personal data it uses and/or request access to such personal data; you are entitled to know about the purpose of data processing, personal data categories we hold about you, institutions or institution categories with which we share your personal data, data retention period and the data source, if they are collected indirectly.

Where do we keep your personal data?

We keep the personal data we collect about you in a safe environment. Your personal data are kept safe from unauthorised access, disclosure, use, alterations or destruction by any organisation or individual. Some data are still stored in hard copy, but we aim to digitise all personal data that we process. The processed data are stored in our premises and IT systems, but sometimes we store data on our trusted service provider servers.

MARA D DESIGN LLC will ensure that the user’s personal data are kept in a safe place (with reasonable administrative, technical and physical protection to prevent their unauthorised use, access, disclosure, copying, or modification) accessible only to authorised persons of MARA D DESIGN LLC The data collected for the purposes stated in this Policy will only be retained for as long as necessary to fulfil their purpose. Your personal data will not be kept in a format that allows you to be identified longer than MARA D DESIGN LLC reasonably deems it necessary to fulfil their purpose. MARA D DESIGN LLC will keep certain personal data within the legally prescribed period, i.e. in line with the regulation obliging MARA D DESIGN LLC to retain them. If you have given us your consent, we will process your personal data until you decide to withdraw it. If you make a substantiated complaint about the personal data processing, we will no longer process your data. If a court, an administrative or an out-of-court procedure is initiated, personal data may be stored up to their conclusion, including the time period for filing an appeal, if applicable. MARA D DESIGN LLC will retain certain personal data within the time period prescribed by the relevant regulation obliging the data controller to keep such data.

Does MARA D DESIGN LLC share data with third parties?

Your privacy is important to us, so we will never share your personal data with third parties except for the purposes described in this Policy. As you already know, MARA D DESIGN LLC cooperates with other companies, which means that we sometimes share your personal data by using secure IT systems. In this way data are transmitted to an EU country or a country ensuring the level of protection that complies with the EU legislation. We can also share your personal data with our trusted partners who maintain our IT system or render services in the name and for the account of MARA D DESIGN LLC for the purposes such as marketing, finance, advertising, payment processing, delivery and other services performed on-site or elsewhere. Relevant contracts stipulate that the said service providers are obliged to use the data entrusted to them solely in accordance with our guidelines and for the determined purpose. Furthermore, they have been instructed to adequately protect our data and classify them as a business secret. Our partners rendering services in the name and for the account of MARA D DESIGN LLC may in certain cases process your data outside the European Union. However, the contracts we enter into with the said entities bind them to handle your data in accordance with special security measures prescribed by applicable regulations of the EU Member States. MARA D DESIGN LLC does not record or store the transaction data required for card payments.

How long will MARA D DESIGN LLC retain your personal data?

MARA D DESIGN LLC will not retain your personal data longer than needed to fulfil their purpose. You can find more information about the data retention periods in section What will your data be used for? What will your data be used for? We will use your personal data in a number of ways, mostly for fulfilling our contractual obligations to you, but sometimes also for improving your shopping experience, for direct marketing or for security reasons. Order processing and service rendering When you make a purchase through the website, we might ask you to provide certain personal data necessary for the correct order processing. The customer hereby agrees that MARA D DESIGN LLC may process provided personal data for the purpose of its own record-keeping and statistics, creating customer databases, providing information about products, services and delivery, delivering promotional material as well as for improving customer relationships and the level of services. MARA D DESIGN LLC may provide the above data to a third party in order to perform a contract, protect the interests of the customer and MARA D DESIGN LLC, prevent any potential misuse, gain better understanding of customer’s individual needs and requirements, and boost the service level of MARA D DESIGN LLC resulting in improved customer satisfaction. MARA D DESIGN LLC will keep personal data as long as this is necessary for the purposes provided for in this Privacy Policy and the General Terms of Service. In order to ensure that the products and services you purchase from us are delivered to the correct address, we share your personal data needed to provide certain services with trusted external partners (for example your name, delivery address and accompanying message, such as the time of day when you would like to have your order delivered). In addition to personal data, MARA D DESIGN LLC may request other, personally non-identifiable data that are not considered personal data (for example, data about the use of the website, computer and Internet server, preferences, hobbies, interests, activities). MARA D DESIGN LLC uses them to select data that are relevant to the user in a better, more accurate and personalised way as well as for promoting the website and additionally directing and customising its content to the user. On the basis of the said data, MARA D DESIGN LLC learns what content is the most popular among certain users.


We will retain and assess the information about your recent visit to our website and about how you have used its different pages for analytical purposes, i.e. to understand the way in which users use our website. In order to maintain the website and ensure that its functionality is at an expected level, MARA D DESIGN LLC uses the technology known as “cookies”. Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer and can be accessed later. They can be temporary or permanent. Owing to the cookies, you can easily search our website and get results that are relevant to you. Cookies tell us what you and other website visitors are interested in, which helps us improve it. Find out more about cookies in our Cookie Policy.

Other websites

This Privacy Policy refers only to the use of data collected by MARA D DESIGN LLC from the user (data subject). Other websites that can be accessed via have in place their own data collection and confidentiality statements, and the methods of their use and publication. If the user visits one or more other websites via , MARA D DESIGN LLC recommends them to carefully read the related data confidentiality statement. MARA D DESIGN LLC will not be held liable for the third party terms and conditions of service. Marketing MARA D DESIGN LLC would like to inform you about our products and services you might be interested in. However, we can send you marketing material only if you agree to it. Keep in mind that, even if you have opted for receiving our marketing notifications, you may opt out at any time. Entry into force of the Privacy Policy and subsequent amendments This Privacy Policy enters into force on 28.10. 2020. MARA D DESIGN LLC reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy and publish the amendments on the website.

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